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Your editor of these many years (since 1979) was recently (December 2005) diagnosed with stage 3 colon cancer. It is quite serious and I have undergone months of chemotherapy and two operations from which I am currently (November 2006) just recovering from. This is obviously curtailing my writing and my labors on the websites for the American Presbyterian Press and the American Presbyterian Church. I covet your prayers and trust that when the Lord's good and holy purposes in sending this trial have been accomplished that he may be gracious and restore me to health that I might continue my labors in his vineyard if it be his holy will. 

God's Way of Salvation
By Louis F. DeBoer
A new manuscript, God's Way of Salvation" has been posted. It deals with the Calvinist-Arminian debate  Departing from the traditional review of the five points, it takes a fresh approach and argues the Calvinist case from the Scriptures as the Reformers might have, log before the five points were ever heard of. A powerful and Scriptural defense of the Biblical gospel and of God's way of bringing his people into a state of salvation. 

The Hebrew Republic  
By E. C. Wines
The American Presbyterian Press edition of this excellent work has out of print for some time now. We have chosen not to reprint it since it is currently available from the Plymouth Rock Foundation. We are, however, offering it in an electronic version for those who would like to  read it online. Just use the above link to locate the text.  


There are many new book reviews.

Three new book reviews have been posted dealing with the current issue of Open Theism. This is the view, becoming significantly popular among evangelical scholars and seminaries,  that God does not know the future and is open to change and revision of his plans as he reacts to the free will decisions of his creatures. Two reviews are of leading books that promote and defend Open Theism, and one is a popular book opposing it. Open Theism is a radical and extreme form of Arminianism and therefore it is mainly a problem in Arminian churches. Because Open Theism is an outgrowth of the Calvinist-Arminian  controversy these reviews are listed under the reviews of Books on Calvinism

In addition to the four book reviews already posted on books defending the historic Reformed faith in the current controversy over justification by faith alone that is raging in Reformed circles, including a preview of the forthcoming book by Brian Schwertley on that subject, there are additional reviews posted and forthcoming on books authored by the chief advocates of these heretical views.  

There are also two new reviews about books that defend the traditional text of the Greek New Testament. The Ecclesiastical Text by Dr. T. Letis and The King James Version Defended by Edward F. Hills. 

There is a review of a book about the amazing spread of Christianity in China and a review of the science of eugenics and the disastrous results that this pseudo and infidel science has already precipitated in the last century. 

There are also reviews of book about the Calvinist phase of the Reformation, how it differed from the Lutheran phase, and the Calvinist war on Roman Catholic idolatry. There is also an additional book reviewed on the subject of contemporary Christian music, demonstrating just how degenerate the doctrine of worship has become in evangelical churches. 


A new section of articles has been posted, Education Articles.  These are articles that have to do with a Christian approach to, a Christian philosophy of education. We plan to add articles on this subject from time to time as we are enabled to. The first two articles are the following...

The Accreditation Trap   
by Louis F. DeBoer

Money and Education   
by Louis F. DeBoer

Hurricane Katrina:
What are the lessons for the nation from Hurricane Katrina?  And what is wrong with the churches' response to these events? For scriptural analysis and commentary on all this click the above link. 

The Passion and the Christ:
A discussion of Mel Gibson's movie, "The Passion" and what Christ, according to the testimony of Scripture, thinks of such exercises in idolatry and blasphemy. 

Rev. Brian Schwertley's book, The Auburn Avenue Theology that is being co-published by the American Presbyterian Press, has arrived from the printer's and is now available. The cost will be $10.00 each.   
For a review of this book click on the above title. It is a much needed refutation of the errors of the disciples of "justification by faith plus works," that are currently plaguing Presbyterian and Reformed churches. It also contains sound and Biblical expositions of the true gospel of Jesus Christ and of justification by faith alone. 

The American Presbyterian Press
has recently published Rev. DeBoer's book on hymnody, entitled, Hymns, Heretics, and History.  It is a critical history of hymnody, showing the origins, nature, and purposes of hymnody throughout church history. It demonstrates the incredible influence hymnody has exerted on the church and how this influence has been used repeatedly to corrupt the church and subvert her from her Biblical theology. It spans the record of such efforts from early heretical cults, such as the Gnostics and Arians, through Arminians, Unitarians, and Fundamentalists. Must reading if you want to understand both traditional and contemporary hymnody. This book is now available, and provides both fascinating reading and an overdue warning about  the pernicious influence of hymnody over the centuries. 

The Great Awakening: By Charles Hodge
Currently this book is in final stages of editing and almost ready to type-set. The cover artwork is also well under way. Lord willing it will be in print by sometime in  2006. The book consists on a large section (250 pages) of his work, "Constitutional History of the Presbyterian Church in the USA" that deals with the Great Awakening and the schism of 1741 in the Presbyterian Church that was occasioned by the events of the revival. 
The book is  much needed objective history of the Great Awakening that vindicates the Old-Side and shows not only the good aspects of the revival, but the many serious and destructive errors of the revivalists that occasioned the opposition of the Old-Side and resulted in the schism. This book is indispensable to a proper understanding of the Great Awakening and the ecclesiastical history of the period. 

The American Presbyterian Church:
The website of the American Presbyterian Church has extensive new material, especially dealing with Presbyterian Church History in the United States. This includes an electronic copy of Dr. McIntire's book, "The Death of a Church" which documents the ongoing apostasy in the PCUSA after the departure of the conservatives, that culminated in the new confession of faith of 1967.
There is also a new section on
Current Heresies with articles on the Framework Hypothesis and the New Perspective on Paul. Additional articles will be forthcoming as they are written.


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