bulletChristianity is a practical religion
bulletThe principles of Christianity can and should be applied to current issues
bulletThe op-ed pieces below are an attempt to apply the scriptures to some recent current events
bulletThe opinions expressed below are solely the opinions of the editor

"The Passion" and the Christ:
A discussion of Mel Gibson's movie, "The Passion" and what Christ, according to the testimony of Scripture, thinks of such exercises in idolatry and blasphemy. 

Character Matters:
Louis F. DeBoer
A discussion of the issue of whether a public official's private life, character, morals etc. are important or if he is to judged solely by his official performance.

Louis F. DeBoer
A discussion of the appropriateness of our involvement in the civil war in Kosovo.

Hate Crimes Legislation:
An analysis if this is really an attempt by the civil government to be a "terror to evildoers" or if it constitutes an usurpation of the prerogatives of a sovereign and omniscient God and actually establishes a "Thought Police". 

The Death of a Prophet:  A comparison of Rushdoony and Wurmbrand who both passed away recently (February, 2001) and a reprint of an article documenting the heretical theology of Richard Wurmbrand.  

Chandra, Condit, & the Bible:   A brief discussion of this media event in the light of God's word.  Analyzing both the good and the bad in the nation's reaction to this scandalous affair. 

Who Is Israel:  
By Louis F. DeBoer
A brief article comprised of an excerpt from the chapter on "The Abrahamic Covenant" in the book, "The Divine Covenants".  With all the current news about the Middle East it is more important than ever to understand from the Scriptures who is the True Israel of God.   

Who Owns Palestine:  
By Louis F. DeBoer
A brief article that deals with the issue of the rightful ownership of Palestine, the Biblical Land of Canaan.  With the ongoing conflict in the Middle East threatening to erupt into full scale war over the ownership of this land it is important to understand what the Scriptures teach about its ownership. 

Islamic Terror:  
By Louis F. DeBoer
An article outlining a Biblical response to the recent terrorist attack that destroyed the World Trade Center.  

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