The available articles are listed in the various categories that are enumerated below.  All, articles are free and are not copyrighted and may be reproduced at will as long as proper credit for the source is given.

General Articles: 

Articles on Israel & the Middle East: 

"The Pilgrim" Articles: 
In the early 1970's your Editor published a monthly theological newsletter entitled, "The Pilgrim."  It was devoted to dealing with issues of the day from a Biblical and theological perspective.  The series ran for two years and thus totaled 24 issues.  Twelve of these dealt with miscellaneous issues facing American culture and society.  The other twelve issues constituted the "Resistance Series" which dealt with a complete theological, and historical overview of the question of Christian resistance to tyranny.  Since they deal with the Scriptural principles that underlie all these issues they are in that sense somewhat timeless and therefore are being offered  at this time in an electronic version. Both series are still available in hard copy as well in spiral bound 8-1/2 x 11 editions ($5.00 each while they last).
(Note: The writings of Robert Lewis Dabney and John R. Rushdoony provided both the model and the inspiration for these articles. The latter strongly endorsed them and ordered multiple copies of the bound volumes to distribute to his associates.)

Finally, I have to admit that I wrote these with all the zeal and enthusiasm of youth (I was in my late twenties) and therefore they will probably appear somewhat polemical and intemperate in the sentiments expressed.  If you can charitably overlook any faults in that regard and concentrate on the truths expressed I pray that these articles can continue to be a blessing to many today as they have been in the past. 

American Presbyterian Church Articles: 
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