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Auburn Avenue Theology
Brian Schwertley
This is Rev. Schwertley's latest book and it deals with the contemporary controversy over the issue of justification by faith alone. It documents the serious errors being advanced under such names as Sheperdism, the Federal Vision, the Auburn Avenue Theology, etc. These errors include that justification is by faith plus works, and a sacramentalism that states that being baptized is what makes a person a Christian. It includes an excellent exposition of the Biblical doctrine of justification, a doctrine that is poorly understood in our day, and which is enabling these false teachers to confuse and mislead the sheep on this doctrine which lies at the very heart of the gospel of Jesus Christ. It also includes a chapter on false teachers, how they subvert the churches, and how to defend against their attacks on the faith. Many books have been published on both sides of this controversy. If can only read one, this book needs to be that one. 
255 pages; Price $10.00

Hymns, Heretics, and History
Louis F. DeBoer
This is an excellent study in the history of hymnody. It documents the commitment of the early Christian to psalmody, the erosion of that commitment over the centuries, the introduction of hymns in the church by early heretical cults such as the Gnostics and the Arians, who hated the psalms and wrote hymns to reflect their unscriptural doctrines. It then traces the development of hymnody through to the present, documenting the continuing problems with any uninspired hymnody, and showing the ill effects of this in the churches. This is a critical history of hymnody. It will make people sit up and reflect on what they are actually singing and what the words really mean that they are offering up to God in praise. 
153 pages; Price $8.00

Overcoming Evil With Good
Henry Hoyt
This little book is great for young people and is an exercise in applied theology as, in a narrative form set in a nineteenth century English village, it demonstrates how we can and should live according to that summary of the second table of the law, "Thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself." 
59 pages; Price $5.00 

Exclusive Psalmody: A Biblical Defense
Brian Schwertley
The American Presbyterian Press has published in conjunction with the Covenanted Reformation Press, Brian Schwertley's latest book,
Exclusive Psalmody, A Biblical Defense.  Along with his previous books Sola Scriptura (A defense of the Regulative Principle of Worship), and Musical Instruments in the Worship of God, it makes a complete exposition of the Biblical Doctrine of Worship and a thorough defense of our Presbyterian and Reformed heritage of worship.  
75 pages; Price $6.00

The Fruit of the Vine
Louis F. DeBoer
A thorough scriptural defense of the principle of temperance, abstinence from alcoholic beverages.  Includes a detailed discussion of all the Hebrew and Greek words translated as wine or strong drink, etc.  
53 pages    Price:  $8.00

Lord of the Conscience
Louis F. DeBoer
A scriptural defense of the principles of religious liberty versus traditional establishmentarian or current theonomist views.  Includes an analysis of the United States Constitution and religious liberty.
134 pages    Price:  $ 8.00

The Divine Covenants
Louis F. DeBoer
This book is a simple and straight forward, yet a profound, thorough, and scriptural exposition of all the divine covenants in the Bible.  For all who have been thoroughly confused by traditional covenant theology this book is a must. 
158 pages  Price $10.00

The New Phariseeism 
Louis F. DeBoer
A scriptural refutation of the cult of British-Israelism.
175 pages    Price:  $5.00

Letters On Baptism
Edmund B. Fairfield
A refutation of the doctrine of baptism by immersion.
110 pages    Price:  $5.00

Immersion And Immersionists
W. A. Mackay
A thorough scriptural defense of Christian baptism of believers and their children by sprinkling or pouring.
86 pages    Price:  $5.00

The Life of Melville
Thomas M'Crie
The exciting biography of a major but neglected reformer and the true father of Scotch Presbyterianism.
Two volume paperback set    Price:  $10.00

The Hebrew Republic
E. C. Wines
A fascinating treatise in political science showing that the ideological origins of the American Republic lie in the ancient Hebrew Republic, in the institutions that God gave Moses at Mount Sinai.
248 pages    Price:  $10.00








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