These are unpublished book length manuscripts


It is our purpose to publish these one by one as resources allow


They are available now in manuscript form only


The format is 8-1/2x11 single spaced formatted pages


The binding is either a report cover or a three ring binder
The cost for each manuscript is the same


Click on the hyperlink in any title for a review of the manuscript

A Guide To Christian Reconstructionism
Louis F. DeBoer
An overview of Christian Reconstructionism and an analysis of where they depart from the historic Reformed faith.
54 pp.    Price:  $ 8.00

The Devil's Advocate
Louis F. DeBoer
A critique of contemporary Christian charity and a response to the advocates of unlimited, indiscriminate charity as a scriptural mandate.
97 pp.    Price:  $8.00

The Slide To Perdition
Louis F. DeBoer
A study in the Biblical degrees of sin with examples, analysis, and application.
87 pp.    Price:  $8.00

For Such a Time as This
Louis F. DeBoer
A commentary on the book of Esther, especially illuminating the historical context and dealing with ethical issues raised by the events of the book.
91 pp.    Price:  $8.00

American Mythology
Louis F. DeBoer
The deconstruction of a host of American historical myths.  Great for homeschoolers and anyone who really wants the facts.
71 pp.    Price:  $8.00 

God's Way of Salvation  
A fresh approach to an old debate. A thorough, logical, and Biblical defense of Calvinist soteriology, of how God brings his people to a state of salvation. It exposes the unbiblical nature of Arminian errors and demonstrates the logical and bitter fruit these errors have borne in the churches.
69 pp.   Price $8.00

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