Exclusive Psalmody


Exclusive Psalmody  
A Biblical Defense

Brian Schwertley


Exclusive Psalmody, A Biblical Defense completes Brian Schwertley's trilogy on the Scriptural doctrine of worship.  His first book on the subject, Sola Scriptura, was a defense of the Regulative Principle of Worship, the principle that God decides what constitutes acceptable worship and not man, and that only that worship which he has instituted and authorized in his word is acceptable in his sight.  His second book, Musical Instruments in the Public Worship of God was a Biblical exposition of the use of musical instruments in the public worship of God under both the Old (Sinaitic) and the New Covenants.  His third book in this worship trilogy is a relatively brief, yet systematic, defense of the doctrine of exclusive psalmody.  This doctrine, clearly established in the Scriptures, teaches that God has never authorized man to set aside the divinely inspired Psalter, the 150 Psalms of David, Korah, Asaph, et al, which is the appointed song book of the church.  And that God has certainly never in his word, by either precept or example, authorized man to substitute in place of these Spirit breathed compositions hymns of mere human composition.  

The book is relatively brief consisting of less than 100 pages in total.  It also includes a thorough logical, historical, and Scriptural refutation of a recent attempt to refute this doctrine by Prof. Frame of Westminster theological Seminary and an appendix reviewing the Westminster Assembly's actions in establishing exclusive psalmody as the Scriptural way of worshipping God in song.  

For those not acquainted with this issue it might come as an interesting revelation and as an opportunity to study a long neglected but vitally important issue for the church.  That is how do we worship God and what worship will he accept and what will he reject even as he rejected the unauthorized sacrifice of Cain and the unauthorized "strange fire" of Nadab and Abihu.  It might also be of interest to learn that the Old Testament Jewish Church, the Apostolic Church, the Early Christian Church (until at least the fourth century), and the Reformation Church all practiced exclusive psalmody.  Brian Schwertley's expositions of this subject will make the reasons why they did so abundantly clear. 

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